Why I Blog

Hey friends! I decided to stick around on here, so I may as well give a glimpse at what brought me out in the first place.   This is the beginning of a several-part series. But this is a personal blog, afterall. Press back now if you aren’t into hearing all my nitty-gritty. Otherwise, stick … [Read more…]

Solo Shower

Hey!   Before I get into this, I have something even more exciting to announce…   It’s October 1st! The pumpkin-loving basic “B” inside me couldn’t just let that go unsaid. Welcome to Fall! From me, the Floridian wearing a Billabong romper from college…. It is sadly 30 degrees hotter than I ever want October to … [Read more…]


It’s almost SEPTEMBER, so happy fall y’all! My Basic Bitch flag is flying high today!   Bring on the bonfires, orange leaves, pumpkins (& pumpkin flavored crap), and sweater weather! It definitely doesn’t feel like fall here in sunny, muggy, inferno-sauna Florida, but I love fantasizing.