When you look at your home, you probably feel as if it’s your safety blanket. It’s the place that you tend to feel most comfortable in, as well as secure. And that the way that it should be. When you first get a new place, you always want to make sure that it feels like a home as much as possible. So much so, that it’s often the first thing that you want to do. And this is usually why you tend to work a few of your favorite home comforts in. They’re the things that will always make you feel at home and, to sound like a cliche, turn a house into a home too.


However, you should also note that those home comforts can often serve a dual purpose. While they may often make you feel more at home, they can often be crucial in improving your quality of life too. When you want to make sure that your home is the best it can be, and really works with the standard of life that you want, of course, something that improves your quality of life is always going to be welcome. From creating a sociable house to something serene and mindful, here are ten home comforts that you’ll find will also boost your standard of living when you bring them into your house.




We’re going to kick off with the best of all, and it’s an indulgent bath tub. The bathroom is always a great place to relax in. And there’s nothing quite like the comfort of having a long, relaxing soak in the tub. But when you work on creating a luxury bathroom, you’re definitely taking that traditional home comfort and turning it into something that will vastly improve your quality of life. After a long day, knowing you and relax in a stunning roll top or jacuzzi tub will always perk you up.


Natural Light


Any home that’s dark and cold will always make you feel down – no matter what. One of the best comforts of all is a great view, but the way that this can then boost your quality of life is by allowing as much natural light into your home as possible. Yes, this is a really simple idea, but when you’ve got pools of light flooding through your home, your mood will be brighter, and you’ll instantly feel lifted in life.



Now, we need to work out that cold issue. Sometimes living in an old house is your dream, but old houses can need a lot of work. And they always seem to be cold. So, you’re going to want to take the comfort of being warm, and kick it up a notch. Because to improve your quality of life, you’re going to need to take a look at these smart thermostats that take heating seriously. With something smart and sophisticated, your heating will be easy to control, and your comfort levels will improve.

dining table comforts of home



Dining Table


Now, we’re going to turn your attention to the place that you should be able to gather with your family and enjoy a delicious meal over – the dining table. Because it’s easy to blend this space with your kitchen, or even eat on the couch. While that could suit your family, your quality of life will improve with a stunning dining space. You’ll be able to host formal dinners, teach table manners, and enjoy some pretty cool table decor too.




Now, you’re going to want to take a look at your yard. Because just having one isn’t really much of a comfort, but it can be (and subsequently improve your life) when it’s beautiful. A beautiful yard will give you something to look out over and get excited about. You’ll be able to dine al fresco in the summer, and enjoy your mornings coffee outside as the sun comes up. Need we say more?


Security Systems


A great home comfort that you’re not always going to think of as a home comfort at first, is your security system. Nevertheless, it’s something that makes you feel both secure and comforted while at home. If you choose to get something smart, that can be hooked up and viewed remotely; it’s also going to improve your life immensely. Because there’s nothing like being able to check in on your home to make sure it’s safe and looked after when you’re not there.



sheets to improve quality of life(source)

We all know that your bed is one of the biggest home comforts around. But what makes it the comfort? Your sheets of course! So, go ahead and indulge in some luxury sheets. The higher the thread count, the better. Because when you’ve got great sheets, you’re going to be more comfortable, you’re going to be able to get better sleep, and your quality of life will definitely improve.






Now, another comfort is being able to eat pretty much whatever you want when you want. But we’re not going to cover off food, but the fridge instead. Because if you want to be able to store more food, and enjoy some fresh water and ice, you’re going to want to upgrade your fridge. It’s a simple tactic, but it goes a long way.




Then, there’s the idea of putting in a working fireplace, or something electric that’s absolutely stunning. Because when you have a fire in your living space, not only is it going to make you nice and toasty on cold winter nights (hello better life), but it’s also going to add atmosphere and really make a feature of the room. What more could you want?




Finally, we have to cover off the couch – because this is possibly your biggest home comfort of all, right? So you have to choose something that meets your needs. So invest away! Get something squishy and comforting that houses the entire family and then some. Because when you think about it, you probably spend a lot of time on that couch, so if you can invest in something special, it will always improve your quality of life.


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