Hi! I’m so happy you made it to my internet home. This blog is all about modern-mommin’ from stay-at-home dads to working pregnancies. I want to help moms make it through the week without seven minutes in heaven with a bottle of cabernet everyday (even though it ain’t the worst). But if you’re stuck in a 9-to-5 and want a way out, I’m all about the side hustle turned full-time and replacing the corporate grind. All millennialist like…

So, what’s my deal?

My husband is a veteran and now a student, so I became the breadwinner. Totally cool, but I got pregnant (thankfully and on purpose lol) and dad wasn’t about to have the baby FOR me, sooo….

I worked my ass off my entire pregnancy, saving more money than we needed, and all around stressing the eff out. It was cool, I did it, but it wasn’t easy. I needed an awesome place to get straight-forward and personable solutions for all that nonsense. It wasn’t easy to find.

My Reality

Going back to work was the only option, but it totally killed my spirit. The only thing that kept me going was my husband’s new gig as stay-at-home dad with our baby. Then we got a new slew of problems haha!

One day, my husband told me he was going to start a Stay-at-Home Dad Blog because he just couldn’t find the resources he needed when he googled common problems. Obviously, I thought this was a GREAT IDEA. So when his inspiration/energy fizzled, I took it upon myself to get blogging 🙂

I researched a fair bit (but not enough. it’s never enough.) and bought my hosting plan after a couple glasses (read: bottle) of cab sav! I literally became a blogger overnight, and I have been diving a little deeper every day. It wasn’t long before I got hip to monetization and making a living blogging. This was the answer to the prayers I didn’t know I had been putting out there. So my goal became clear.

  • Get out of the cubicle

  • Work from home

  • Help modern moms cope

  • and/or Get them the balance they want!

There is no soft spot in my heart for big corporations that refuse to integrate progressive policies for working parents or people in general. In fact, it drove me LITERALLY CRAZY to live in that world.

So I’m building my own. Join me!


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