We all love our children, but even the best moms need a break here and there. Even if it’s only for an afternoon.


Well this past week was our chance for a break. Daddy needs to get in on breaks with me, because he is a stay-at-home dad. I married an amazing man! More on him later….


In honor of our 5th anniversary (omg wtf how), we had a generous offer of babysitting services for not one, but TWO nights in a row!

I typically don’t take many nights off from babygirl, because I feel like I miss out on enough during the week. Anyone else feel me there?? Working mamahood has been rough…

But my mom agreed to stay with our daughter while we went to a quick dinner out. There is nothing quite as luxurious as having hot fresh food prepared for you.


Then came night number 2…

It was Friday, and we’re no spring chickens. Otherwise, we can’t party like we used to… Our German days are… over. To say the least.

So we got a little wild. Kinda overdid it, but it was our quarterly night out. Which is a thing that we have accepted.


We made it home at around 230AM…….


If that wasn’t bad enough, my mom jumped out of the house as soon as we arrived. I can’t say I blame her. However, I realized the next morning exactly WHAT I REALLY NEEDED:

A babysitter that lingers through noon the next day…


With all of 5 hours of sleep, Saturday morning was my turn to wake up with baby. I was able to start a pot of coffee and keep her quiet. Success! But no. We know better than that.


When it comes to quiet kids, anything that seems too good to be true is probably catastrophic.

& that is exactly what brought me out of my quarterly haze…. the sight of my sweet daughter pouring my untouched, lukewarm, giant cup of coffee on to the rug right before my eyes.


I made myself a promise in that moment: no more nights out unless I have a babysitter slumber party.


Any takers?



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