Tools to get your Husband Helping with Housework

Tools to get your Husband Helping with Housework

Women’s work was a thing, but that notion died when women started doing their fair share of men’s work. I’d argue that most women have trouble getting dad to help with housework. Whatever the family dynamic may be (two working parents, a stay-at-home-dad/mom, a work-at-home dad/mom), the housework’s gotta get done and it shouldn’t all fall on mom.

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During my husband’s stint as Stay-At-Home Dad, we debated over who does what around the house. But I couldn’t believe my ears when I walked through the door after work and grabbed our baby out of his hands as he asked me, “What’s for dinner?”

Not just that, but dishes were overflowing and laundry was still in the dryer from the night before. This women’s work wasn’t getting done because the woman was at work. Obviously (to me), the stay-at-home parent was responsible for all the things we would expect from a stay-at-home mom: grocery shopping, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, the works. The solution was clear to me (just do it), but any wife knows it takes more than logic to get through to a dude.

Men need tools

Every dad isn’t the same, but breaking the laziness out of their bones is easy when you find tools that make the task simple. Think about it: men used to climb trees for hunting/building purposes. Enter THE LADDER. This is the sort of brilliance that has made our species so advanced. But laundry? Dinner? That’s some tough stuff.

I realized I needed to make housework complement his masculinity. With the right tools, he doesn’t feel like Cinderella and I don’t feel like an exhausted nag. So the magic question is: what tools get that job done?

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The Right Vacuum


The cordless Dyson is more than a vacuum. It’s literally unbelievable. The best part? Guys treat it like a weapon. It’s so powerful and he thinks it’s his magic touch that makes it clean better than any vacuum the world has ever seen lol. The cord-free dyson that gets dad excited to help around the house! get dad helping with housework

I’ll be the first to admit I never thought I’d spend $400 on a vacuum, but it is one of the greatest household investments we’ve made! Hands Down, Top 5! Don’t let the pink paintjob fool you, this thing is the real deal. He actually LOVES vacuuming. It’s never an argument: HE gets to do it.

BONUS: the attachments make it perfect for cars too! (hint hint) You can buy yours here!


A Grill (+ Gear)


Wondering what’s for dinner? Whatever’s on the grill. Let his barbecue dreams come true and get your family fed at the same time. There are other, indoor options, but the point is – Make it Manly – Seriously though… I am not productive in his man cave/area, why would he be productive in a feminine kitchen that looks like it stepped out of Better Homes and Gardens (on a good day)? If I want him to work in it, it has to appeal to him.

My friend and her husband would grill every Sunday afternoon. That was their version of weekly meal prep and Dad did it ALL! I was so envious, I had to start investing in stuff like this!

Click the images to shop and find sweet cooking relief!


Baby Carrier

ergobaby carrier for dad. check out fatherly's best baby carriers! get dad helping with housework

Another excuse I’d hear was that the baby doesn’t want to be put down, so all the work he wants to do can’t be done. Bummer. There are so many dad-friendly carriers that don’t look like a papoose. Wearing it around the house frees up hands and doesn’t leave him emasculated.

BONUS: babies tend to fall asleep in them, so it’s an awesome nap transition. You’re welcome, Dad.

We have (and LOVE) the Ergobaby 360 with mesh because Florida is hot af… It’s amazing. Get his here!

The right dad-bag

The best dad bags to get dad exciting to pitch in while parenting. get dad helping with housework

Now is not the time for Petunia Pickle Bottom to rear her [ugly] head. No disrespect, but asking him to carry what is clearly a woman’s bag has been difficult since before kids.

There are cool diaper bags, sure. But a diaper bag is really just a bag. So treat him with a bag he wants!

Jogging Stroller


A good (or used, but still good) jogging stroller gives dad an excuse to work out and takes away the mom-qualities of the typical stroller. Suddenly it isn’t a stroll it’s a workout and gives dad an excuse to show off his calves and kick the cabin fever. Sure he isn’t doing housework, but we all need extra self-care in our lives. This is a great way for him to take care of himself, get the babe some vitamin D, and get endorphins flowing. 


Actual Tools


this is the set we have, and we love it!A nice power drill duo can make a guy feel rugged AND do work. After a week of wiping butts and finding his culinary genius (hopefully not at the same time), taking the hard part out of a home project is exactly what he needs. He gets to use some man-strength and you get to realize some Pinterest project dreams.

With stressed, homeowning, working mom probs, I was constantly wondering when I would find the time to hire a pro to fix the SIMPLEST issues in our home. Let’s not even talk about affording it… Asking my husband to do it was ludicrous… He didn’t have the tools.

Since we invested in some REAL tools, he’s able to make quick fixes around the house and take any guesswork out of weekend projects. No more fruitless “stud hunts” and poorly hung shelves around here, so you can finally embrace your Ikea fantasies!

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In all seriousness, these playful ploys won’t keep him productive forever. Effective communication is key, and probably should’ve been first on the list. However, it’s so important that I wanted it to be last!

Communicating your desire for him helping with housework is the absolute first step. We women tend to get upset when he isn’t fulfilling our expectations or picking up our slack. I used to do this, but before getting mad, ASK for what you want. Express your concerns (“I’m tired and overworked.” “I just want some time to be with my baby” “I don’t want to cook 5 nights a week”) then discuss resolutions, and make them happen. When he starts wavering, remember that reminders aren’t nagging.

You are a team, after all. Picking up each other’s slack is necessary during stressful times. We have to keep that in mind when he’s hurting too.



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Side Hustle From Home

Side Hustle From Home

If you’re coming up short of money each month, it’s time to look at a few ways in which you can start making some money from home. It is easy to do these days, and it is a lot easier than getting a second job or working extra hours in the office to try and boost your finances. It is often a lot more fun as well. You’ll often find you’re doing something that you’re going to have a passion for rather than something you’re going to have to do. So to try and get you started on the right path, here are some ways in which you start side hustles you can do at home, and do it successfully.


[almost] Unlimited Opportunity


There are so many different ways you can make money from home. You can pretty much find a passion and make money from it. Some are a bit harder than others. For example, blogging is something so simple and easy to get into, and a lot of bloggers make their whole living from what they do. Or you could go down the route of something like photography. It all depends on what you actually have a passion for. Writing is another good thing to get into, but you would have to have some form of qualification or at least built up a portfolio of your work. This is where blogging might come in handy. One side business that could lead to another which could see you making a lot of money.


Making ends meet


For you to find a way to start a business from home, you must have already been a bit tight for money in the first place. But when you do start making a bit more things can be complicated again. There are things that you’ll have to do to make sure you’re doing things by the book. For example, it doesn’t matter what line of work you go into, you’re going to have to learn how to invoice. Invoicing correctly is so important to help you manage what is coming in, and what you’re going to need to pay out in terms of taxes. There are invoice finance providers out there that will do it for you for a fee. This might be a better option than attempting it yourself when you’ve never done it before. The main thing to make sure is that you’re keeping copies of everything for documentation. With the money you are getting from your business you could start putting it to the things you want in life such as a holiday, a new car etc.


Finding the time


Time constraints are going to become a bit of a problem if you don’t manage your time properly. Yes, working from home is a lot easier than getting up and going into an office etc. But it is also a lot harder to stay focused. There are so many distractions that it is easy for an hours work to take a few hours. You need to make sure you’re managing your time effectively if you want to try and make money from this.

Improving That ‘Coming Home’ Feeling

Improving That ‘Coming Home’ Feeling

We all love our homes. Owning or renting a space you can truly call home is something wonderful to have. It’s a privilege. It means that there’s a space in the big, wide and chaotic world that’s completely yours, and is there to simply help you relax, stay safe, and feel secure. We all know that feeling of walking over the threshold after a long day walk, or after a cold morning walk with our dog. It’s a feeling that’s hard to put into words. For the purpose of this article, we’ll call it our ‘coming home’ sensation.

Improving this is not something superfluous, nor something which has little effect. It can feel wonderful coming back to a home which is organized, comfortable and welcoming. This not only helps psychologically but immediately helps you get into the relaxation and recreational state necessary to truly unwind.

If you hope to improve how comfortable and inviting your home is, consider the following:




Being greeted with harsh white lights can feel oppressive and clinical. If you can, always opt for a smooth amber lighting, something which is soft yet helps shadows disappear. These ambient lights allow for a warmer feeling of temperature, even if the heating has been off all day. Some nice lantern lights around the front door or pathway of your property allows for a beautiful and subtle illumination at night, and this can truly increase the aesthetic value of your property. Make sure that in your efforts to look comforting your home isn’t simply dark and without powerful lighting, as well lit and warm aren’t opposing concepts. What matters is how you use the lighting setup you have, such as through shape, color and areas you place the lighting implements.




The kitchen is the heart of the home. If you haven’t a kitchen you can enjoy being in, your home is not yet complete. Your kitchen should ideally have somewhere to congregate and a sizeable place to cook food. You should never feel that the only way to enjoy a kitchen is with a massive footprint of space, but a certain amount of social utility always, always helps. If you’re unsure of how to design this in a positive way, then consider using a firm focused on providing you with a stellar result in this capacity. Companies like the Cane Brothers Kitchen Co.  offer high quality, customized and affordable options to get started right away.




It’s important for a home to smell nice. If you have pets, this need is even more emphasized. Not only are they liable to smell up the place with wet hair, but they can make rooms feel stifled. If you can, purchase a range of automatically spraying air fresheners, and preferably the kind that kills odors, as opposed to simply masking them. Also be sure to ventilate often. If that means purchasing the type of window locks that can ventilate and keep a home secure, then that might be a great option.

With these tips, the smell and general feel of your home is sure to be welcoming to the upper limit.

How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

As a woman, you’re more than likely going to be placed in a tricky situation when you decide to start a family. There comes a time where most of us have to try and decide between a career and our kids. Yes, we’ve made great strides in the last decade, and more and more women are staying on at work after giving birth, rather than becoming stay-at-home parents. But, the fact remains we have this conundrum, and men don’t.


Today, I want to bring you some tips and advice on how you can still have a career without needing to sacrifice family time. There are plenty of jobs you can perform while you stay at home and watch your children grow up. Here are a few ideas that might interest you:


Turn Your Life Into A Career


This idea revolves around the whole social media influencer thing. These days, people can make a career out of posting things on social media. For many, this includes documenting their life and uploading it to the internet. You could start taking photos of daily things or filming video blogs to post on YouTube. Essentially, you’re just living your life as normal, but you document it and potentially make money online. Once you grow a following, you’ll see money come in via ad revenue, potential brand deals, or maybe even your own merchandise. It’s a long shot, but it’s definitely worth a try as it costs nothing and you’ve got nothing to lose.


Become A Coach


Becoming a coach is a great career option for anyone that wants to remain at home. It’s a profession you can do via the internet, providing advice for different clients and coaching people to become better at what they do. If you want more information on becoming a coach and coach training, click here. That page should provide you with more details on the matter. All I’m going to say is that this is a very good career choice if you like helping others and have always been considered someone people can trust for advice. There aren’t any major educational requirements to become a coach either, which makes it all the more appealing.


Start Investing In Stocks


Last but not least, you can have a fruitful career as a day trader without sacrificing time with your children. Trading is very easy these days as there are online platforms you can use on a computer or mobile device. All it takes is a little bit of research and getting to know the markets before you begin trading and making money. It can be a daily thing for you, turning into something of a job. The good thing is, you don’t have to lock yourself away in an office to do this, you can sit on the sofa while your child plays or watches cartoons.


As you can see, it’s still possible to have a career without spending lots of time away from your growing family. What’s more, none of the ideas above is really ‘conventional’ work from home jobs. They all work around your schedule, giving you more flexibility to have fun with your kids and earn money at the same time.


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