10 Home Comforts That Can Increase Your Quality Of Life

10 Home Comforts That Can Increase Your Quality Of Life

When you look at your home, you probably feel as if it’s your safety blanket. It’s the place that you tend to feel most comfortable in, as well as secure. And that the way that it should be. When you first get a new place, you always want to make sure that it feels like a home as much as possible. So much so, that it’s often the first thing that you want to do. And this is usually why you tend to work a few of your favorite home comforts in. They’re the things that will always make you feel at home and, to sound like a cliche, turn a house into a home too.


However, you should also note that those home comforts can often serve a dual purpose. While they may often make you feel more at home, they can often be crucial in improving your quality of life too. When you want to make sure that your home is the best it can be, and really works with the standard of life that you want, of course, something that improves your quality of life is always going to be welcome. From creating a sociable house to something serene and mindful, here are ten home comforts that you’ll find will also boost your standard of living when you bring them into your house.




We’re going to kick off with the best of all, and it’s an indulgent bath tub. The bathroom is always a great place to relax in. And there’s nothing quite like the comfort of having a long, relaxing soak in the tub. But when you work on creating a luxury bathroom, you’re definitely taking that traditional home comfort and turning it into something that will vastly improve your quality of life. After a long day, knowing you and relax in a stunning roll top or jacuzzi tub will always perk you up.


Natural Light


Any home that’s dark and cold will always make you feel down – no matter what. One of the best comforts of all is a great view, but the way that this can then boost your quality of life is by allowing as much natural light into your home as possible. Yes, this is a really simple idea, but when you’ve got pools of light flooding through your home, your mood will be brighter, and you’ll instantly feel lifted in life.



Now, we need to work out that cold issue. Sometimes living in an old house is your dream, but old houses can need a lot of work. And they always seem to be cold. So, you’re going to want to take the comfort of being warm, and kick it up a notch. Because to improve your quality of life, you’re going to need to take a look at these smart thermostats that take heating seriously. With something smart and sophisticated, your heating will be easy to control, and your comfort levels will improve.

dining table comforts of home



Dining Table


Now, we’re going to turn your attention to the place that you should be able to gather with your family and enjoy a delicious meal over – the dining table. Because it’s easy to blend this space with your kitchen, or even eat on the couch. While that could suit your family, your quality of life will improve with a stunning dining space. You’ll be able to host formal dinners, teach table manners, and enjoy some pretty cool table decor too.




Now, you’re going to want to take a look at your yard. Because just having one isn’t really much of a comfort, but it can be (and subsequently improve your life) when it’s beautiful. A beautiful yard will give you something to look out over and get excited about. You’ll be able to dine al fresco in the summer, and enjoy your mornings coffee outside as the sun comes up. Need we say more?


Security Systems


A great home comfort that you’re not always going to think of as a home comfort at first, is your security system. Nevertheless, it’s something that makes you feel both secure and comforted while at home. If you choose to get something smart, that can be hooked up and viewed remotely; it’s also going to improve your life immensely. Because there’s nothing like being able to check in on your home to make sure it’s safe and looked after when you’re not there.



sheets to improve quality of life(source)

We all know that your bed is one of the biggest home comforts around. But what makes it the comfort? Your sheets of course! So, go ahead and indulge in some luxury sheets. The higher the thread count, the better. Because when you’ve got great sheets, you’re going to be more comfortable, you’re going to be able to get better sleep, and your quality of life will definitely improve.






Now, another comfort is being able to eat pretty much whatever you want when you want. But we’re not going to cover off food, but the fridge instead. Because if you want to be able to store more food, and enjoy some fresh water and ice, you’re going to want to upgrade your fridge. It’s a simple tactic, but it goes a long way.




Then, there’s the idea of putting in a working fireplace, or something electric that’s absolutely stunning. Because when you have a fire in your living space, not only is it going to make you nice and toasty on cold winter nights (hello better life), but it’s also going to add atmosphere and really make a feature of the room. What more could you want?




Finally, we have to cover off the couch – because this is possibly your biggest home comfort of all, right? So you have to choose something that meets your needs. So invest away! Get something squishy and comforting that houses the entire family and then some. Because when you think about it, you probably spend a lot of time on that couch, so if you can invest in something special, it will always improve your quality of life.


It’s The Little Things That Make Your House A Home

It’s The Little Things That Make Your House A Home

Most of us aren’t born interior designers and we don’t have the time to educate ourselves in the world of home decor, but everyone has a set of eyes in their head. You can tell when your home is starting a look a little worse for wear or perhaps simply outdated in its design. But you probably don’t have the time to plan out an entire renovation project and set to work knocking down walls, tearing up floorboards, and entirely overhauling your house.


Fortunately, it doesn’t usually take that much work to make a home look better (unless your place is literally falling apart at the foundations). It’s the little things that make your house a home, and anybody can make little steps towards renovating their humble abode. If you don’t believe us then take some inspiration from the following ideas to spruce up aspects of your household.


Your bedroom.

Let’s start off with the room that most guests will never see but which makes a huge impact on your personal perception of your home. And, at the end of the day, it’s very important to perceive your own home favorably. That’s the point we’ll be trying to make throughout this article.

It isn’t enough to make your home simply look good on the surface so as to impress friends and family who come over. YOUhave to feel comfortable in your own abode and that isn’t something you can fake. Aesthetic is part of this but practicality counts too.


You should have a cozy bed, first of all. You need a firm and supportive mattress but also bed linen that matches the room’s vibe whilst being warm and welcoming. Remember, appearance means nothing if your home doesn’t have the comfort factor. Otherwise, your house will look sleek but feel cold, bland, and lifeless. Lighting affects this too.

In the bedroom, you need lamps with a warm orange hue; harsh, bright lighting won’t feel inviting whilst you’re reading or generally relaxing in bed.

And when it comes to curtains, appearance is important but practicality matters; make sure your curtains block out light to an appropriate extent.


Your kitchen and dining area.

The kitchen really is the heart of the home, as stereotypical as that might be to say at this point. But it’s true. The kitchen isn’t just the space in which meals are cooked; it’s the space in which you and your family gather to eat, socialize, and relax. Of course, you might have a dining room too, but we’ll include all of that under the same sub-topic.

The point is that this area should feel spacious and vibrant. And remember that nothing beats a lick of paint. White walls can help to reflect light and brighten up the room.

Again, lighting matters. You want harsh, bright lighting over counters and the general cooking area but warm lamps, perhaps, in the dining area. It all depends on the layout of this part of your house. You might also want to look into signature quality tablecloths from Richard Haworth to really add some class to your dining area because a luxurious aesthetic can really impact this room. The goal is to create a space in which your family feels comfortable but also one that is vibrant and modern.


Your yard/garden.

Finally, you need to give your garden some love. It isn’t just a house’s interior that impacts its homely feel. You need to think about your property’s exterior. Plant a new flowerbed to add some vibrancy and color to this outdoor space, for example. You just need to find a way to breathe some life into this natural space outside your house. You could create a cozy patio area for you and the family to enjoy. If you put up a gazebo then you don’t even have to let bad weather stop you from enjoying your garden.

Simple Ways To Inject Some Personality Into Your Bedroom Decor

Simple Ways To Inject Some Personality Into Your Bedroom Decor

When you’re creating your perfect interior design, you’re always going to find that a huge slice of your own taste will come through. But sometimes, you try to reign this in a little. It’s easy to want to be able to create interiors that look stylish and well put together, and sometimes you know that you can’t really put too much of your own taste into things, because it may not stay cohesive. However, there is one room that you should definitely look to have a little more fun in, and that’s always your bedroom. Here, you can forget the current home decor trends and just allow your own tastes to come through. That way, it’ll be the one room that you can really feel at home in.

beautiful bedroom

From GypsyTan

Start With A Set Color Palette


The begin with, you need to start with your color palette. This is a really great way to ensure that the room still looks put together.

Although you may want to start with a piece of furniture you love, or some other kind of inspiration, you have to pick the colors first. Those pieces can definitely influence your palette, but you need to start out this way so that you can set the theme and the pace of the room.

So, pick out five or six main colors that compliment each other to begin as your base. Throw it on a vision board, and keep those ideas fresh in your head.


Pick Out Perfect Sheets


When your colors are done and they’ve worked their way onto the walls and flooring, you can then, start to think about picking out the fabrics to go with it. And this is usually where you can aim to have a lot of fun. You can really let your personality shine through here, so visit ZenLikeProducts.com for mandala elephant bedding if that’s your taste, or go for something more your style. The idea here is to let your personality pick the sheets that will bring the room to life.

Personally, I do anything for LINEN SHEETS. They are an investment, but they work in all the right ways for every climate and season. They are cool in the summer and warm in the winter. I don’t care how they do it, but they do!


Pottery Barn has an amazing set. Click here to shop..

Dress The Rest Of The Bed


Then, you’re going to want to work on the rest of the best. Because your sheets are just the start. You need to finish off by accessorizing it. For this you can see GoodHousekeeping.com for inspiration and ideas to get you started. With everything from cushions to blankets, you can really have a lot of fun putting your personality into play.


Work Some Art Onto The Walls


Next up, you’re going to want to jazz up those walls a little. Because your base is in and so is your bed, and now you’re going to want to bring the room alive. Whether it’s with prints and artwork or photos and posts, you can really inject your own taste into the room with what you put up on the walls.


Accessorize Around The Room


Finally, you should definitely look to finish off with the right accessories around the room. From your night stand to your dresser, you can add your own little touches with things like photos and trinkets. These will really ensure that your bedroom becomes the perfect space for you to relax in.


This is definitely from a living room on The Glitter Guide but it would make a perfect corner in a bedroom!

Easy Tips To Make Your Home More Welcoming

As a work-at-home mom, I’m here A LOT. If my environment didn’t keep my head in the right place, I would never get anything done. Keeping the home guest-ready and welcoming is beneficial to me and my business, as well as my daughter. It doesn’t hurt that friends and family love coming over too.

Here are some tricks to make your home welcoming and

Finding your look

Everyone has a different view on what their perfect home would look like, so it’s not as simple as just having one set luxury design. Afterall, what might feel like a luxury for some, really could come across as discomforting and cold for another. It can be hard to have your home feeling perfect, so it’s good to experiment and look around for inspiration.

There are plenty of sites you can find where people share their home ideas and designs, which might be helpful if you lack your own personal creativity, but when it comes to your home you shouldn’t be afraid to spend that little extra on making it feel nice. Most people don’t realize how much their home affects them on a daily basis, but it’s best to have somewhere you feel comfortable and proud, rather than miserable and cold.

kaboompics_Woman drinking tea and reading book


Covering expenses

Once you have a rough idea of how you want your home to look, you need to consider how much you’re going to have to spend on it while decorating. The prices for each home can vary quite a lot based on what you want to have done, as some homes will need full overhauls, whereas others might just need a touch-up with paint and wallpaper. So it’s important to shop around for where you can get the decor and materials you need while looking for the best deals.

For example, if you’re going for a bigger change, you might want to be looking into carpet and flooring prices, as the flooring in your home can make a real difference to the overall tone of the environment it creates. If you’re going for a more cozy look, you’ll likely prefer a carpet in place; and if you’re looking for a more modern look, laminate might be your style.

Everything comes down to you, and what you’re interested in. Just because your home doesn’t look immaculate and clean, doesn’t mean it’s not welcoming, as cluttered can give off a much more warm effect


Discomforting damages

It’s not uncommon for a house to have small leaks or cracks where the cold can get in, but they can really make a difference to the overall feeling of the house. What might seem like just a small inconvenience can really cause trouble over time, for example; that small inconvenient leak can cause rotting damage to furniture or that crack where the drafts get in can really lower the temperature in your home making heating costs more expensive for you. It’s best to look after your living space as well as you can because over time you’ll find it makes a huge difference to your comfort.

Your living space is a very important factor in your life. You go to sleep there every night, you wake up there every morning, so why not make that a happy environment? No one should have to wake up to a miserable environment, and a reminder that they made a bad investment. Instead of making your house more suitable to fit you might actually give you a sense of pride and satisfaction, which is a much better way to start the day.

Surprising Home Decor Trends that Aren’t Going Anywhere in 2018

Surprising Home Decor Trends that Aren’t Going Anywhere in 2018

The idea of a millennial getting out of their parent’s basement was not easy to imagine for a while. So it makes sense that a their homes would be packed with an interesting flavor. But these little snowflakes share many decorating interests.

Here are 8 things you are sure to run into at a modern big kid’s “crib”.


This post contains a few affiliate links. Please see my disclosure for more details, but know that I would never recommend a product or service that I do not trust!

1. Neon

I’d bet Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman inspired this industrial look to be brought home, I know I loved her bedroom signage!Hello_There Neon Sign in Catwoman's Apartment

“Hello There” Neon Sign courtesy of BatmanAnthology.com

The brightness and perky colors make a room happier than anything else could.

hello neon sign

Buy this light now from Urban Outfitters


Why “In with the Old” Is a Popular Home Decor Trend among Millennials

Why “In with the Old” Is a Popular Home Decor Trend among Millennials

Millennials are practical people. They look at the value of things, and compare prices and functionality when choosing their furniture and home decor items, as well as they do when booking a vacation. They choose to make a statement, instead of following the crowd. Below you can find out why old things are making a come back in Millennials’ Homes

Cultural Awareness


Millennials travel more than any other generations. They love exploring different cultures and traditions. At the same time, they have an eye for detail, and love finding connections with other people’s traditions and beliefs. Some Millennials go on culture breaks regularly, and fall in love with antiques, vintage items exhibited in a small museum in a far corner of the world. They are not afraid of standing out and being associated with things considered to be a taboo or non-standard.

Better Build


There is a practical reason why most Millennials choose older things. They are unique, hand crafted, and last longer. An antique clock that was made by a skilled professional hundreds of years ago, and still working perfectly, available from https://dutchtimepieces.com/ will be more valuable than a “made in China” designer item. Older things have proven themselves to last, therefore, they attract young people.

Retro Look

Millennials have a great choice of decades to fall in love with. They might be impressed by the Civil Rights’ movement’s achievements, or the popular culture of the 80s. No matter which era they can connect with on the cultural and intellectual level, they can recreate the feeling and lifestyle in their homes. Retro items, such as memorabilia from the Cold War entice young professionals who have limited memories of the main events.

You can buy this vintage vibe from amazon.

Reminder of Old Generations


In their late 20-s and 30-s, people often try to find their place in the world, and reconnect with their roots. They start asking questions about their parents’ lifestyle and their grandparents’ achievements. They will be actively looking for items their grandfather used when he worked in the mines, or had a lifelong job of an account manager in a large bank. Displaying these items serves as a reminder of their ancestors.

Reinventing the Self


The Millennials generation actively searches for ways of expressing their preferences, values, and personality. We don’t want to fit in any category. We invite friends in their homes to show who they are, instead of showing off their home design skills. We pay attention to details, and constantly change our taste. Getting unique items that can be upcycled, changed, and preserved, saved from ruin, and restored to their full glory impress us. Older items give this generation the opportunity to show off our creativity and take an active role in designing their interior style.

credenza from Style by Emily Henderson

This credenza from Style by Emily Henderson

The “In with the old” principle is followed by millions of Millennials around the world. They are not interested in anything standard, and they are looking for a way of showing off their personality and values. Antiques and retro furniture allows them to do just that.

unexpected home decor trends amongst millennials


Modern Nurseries Built to Last

Modern Nurseries Built to Last

There are so many wonderful things that come with parenthood. Welcoming a new human into the world is so much fun, but the waiting time can leave you antsy. There are so many things to do before bringing your bundle into their new home. Creating their very own space is personal.

If you’re like me, you are obsessed with modern nurseries (is that too revealing?). I don’t spend a lot of time wondering why I love them so much, but I’m pretty sure it’s because it’s personal for mom.

How do you design a room for a person who won’t even know they’re there for several months? You don’t! The only alternative is to design it for Mom. But you do have a definite deadline and an idea of how much you’re planning to spend. The pressure is on, so how are you going to get it right for your new favorite person?


Minimal Halloween Decor 2k17

Minimal Halloween Decor 2k17

Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday!

I don’t even know why! I don’t like anything scary. I love the fall colors, but I live in Florida :(. Pumpkin Spice Lattes are gross now, so it can’t be because of them… (Seriously Starbucks, what did you do?!) Maybe I’m just really into orange.

But.. all the same, I am obsessed with Halloween. 

this post contains affiliate links. please see my disclosure for more details

I wanted to share my decorative Halloween efforts with you because It makes me so happy, and it was dirt cheap. This post is definitely late, but I’ve been busy! The important thing here is that these decorations have been up since early September. BTW…

**I declare September 1st acceptable for halloween decorations. Otherwise, what are you waiting for?

As a self-proclaimed ‘nano-minimalist’ (meaning I’m “inspired by” minimalism, but I don’t really live by it. I mean I’m still hoarding tissue paper from my baby shower.), I like to keep my decorating simple, and I only bother with things that can be easily stored/replaced.


The Entryway

minimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls

Pay no mind to the cords and pillows that the baby has made a mess of…

minimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls

The candle is Cuban Linen Tobacco from World Market, and it is absolutely amazing. I could cry.

& naturally, in the spirit of hoarding easily hoardable things..

The Bedroom

halloween jar filler with gold flowers pier one mason jar vase minimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls



halloween jar filler with gold flowers pier one mason jar vase minimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls
worked with someone who said they used this jar filler for their fish bowl. I thought that was the cutest idea!
Those ghosts and witch hats tho… That’s the halloween vibe I’m after.
I don’t do scary or gory, but I absolutely LOVE Halloween! It’s the cutest. I wish I could decorate my house every month of the year (although I still try).

& If you couldn’t tell, I love to decorate with glass and mirrors.

Yeah so like I said, it is minimal. But it boosts my spirits every day! Everything about this time of year just makes me so happy!
All of these items take up less than half of a little storage box, which MIGHT be my favorite thing about them… Moving around makes transporting seasonal crap very unappealing. This simple style is perfect for apartment dwellers or renters.
 halloween kitty cat minimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls simple minimal decorating
My little black halloween kitty always makes her way in too. I had to stash this lady up high to keep her safe from grabby fingers!
My sweet babe already tried to eat one of her eyes…. it’s not even hanging on by a thread.
Now if stumble into a little pit of money (& decide I don’t mind storing more junk), I might go nuts. But as far as I’m concerned, Halloween Decor is not high on the budgeted priorities list. What can I say… I like to keep things clean. Here is some of the crap I’d buy if I had the storage space.
I’ll probably see them hit my bank account if I catch the sales at the right time! (winky-tongue-out emoji)

Enjoy my picks, and I’ll see you soon for Thanksgiving. I love you all and I hope you have an amazing Halloween!!


Halloween Decorminimal halloween decor for cheap. DIY cute halloween ideas for entryway, living room, bedroom, walls

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