Tools to get your Husband Helping with Housework

Tools to get your Husband Helping with Housework

Women’s work was a thing, but that notion died when women started doing their fair share of men’s work. I’d argue that most women have trouble getting dad to help with housework. Whatever the family dynamic may be (two working parents, a stay-at-home-dad/mom, a work-at-home dad/mom), the housework’s gotta get done and it shouldn’t all fall on mom.

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During my husband’s stint as Stay-At-Home Dad, we debated over who does what around the house. But I couldn’t believe my ears when I walked through the door after work and grabbed our baby out of his hands as he asked me, “What’s for dinner?”

Not just that, but dishes were overflowing and laundry was still in the dryer from the night before. This women’s work wasn’t getting done because the woman was at work. Obviously (to me), the stay-at-home parent was responsible for all the things we would expect from a stay-at-home mom: grocery shopping, laundry, vacuuming, cooking, the works. The solution was clear to me (just do it), but any wife knows it takes more than logic to get through to a dude.

Men need tools

Every dad isn’t the same, but breaking the laziness out of their bones is easy when you find tools that make the task simple. Think about it: men used to climb trees for hunting/building purposes. Enter THE LADDER. This is the sort of brilliance that has made our species so advanced. But laundry? Dinner? That’s some tough stuff.

I realized I needed to make housework complement his masculinity. With the right tools, he doesn’t feel like Cinderella and I don’t feel like an exhausted nag. So the magic question is: what tools get that job done?

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The Right Vacuum


The cordless Dyson is more than a vacuum. It’s literally unbelievable. The best part? Guys treat it like a weapon. It’s so powerful and he thinks it’s his magic touch that makes it clean better than any vacuum the world has ever seen lol. The cord-free dyson that gets dad excited to help around the house! get dad helping with housework

I’ll be the first to admit I never thought I’d spend $400 on a vacuum, but it is one of the greatest household investments we’ve made! Hands Down, Top 5! Don’t let the pink paintjob fool you, this thing is the real deal. He actually LOVES vacuuming. It’s never an argument: HE gets to do it.

BONUS: the attachments make it perfect for cars too! (hint hint) You can buy yours here!


A Grill (+ Gear)


Wondering what’s for dinner? Whatever’s on the grill. Let his barbecue dreams come true and get your family fed at the same time. There are other, indoor options, but the point is – Make it Manly – Seriously though… I am not productive in his man cave/area, why would he be productive in a feminine kitchen that looks like it stepped out of Better Homes and Gardens (on a good day)? If I want him to work in it, it has to appeal to him.

My friend and her husband would grill every Sunday afternoon. That was their version of weekly meal prep and Dad did it ALL! I was so envious, I had to start investing in stuff like this!

Click the images to shop and find sweet cooking relief!


Baby Carrier

ergobaby carrier for dad. check out fatherly's best baby carriers! get dad helping with housework

Another excuse I’d hear was that the baby doesn’t want to be put down, so all the work he wants to do can’t be done. Bummer. There are so many dad-friendly carriers that don’t look like a papoose. Wearing it around the house frees up hands and doesn’t leave him emasculated.

BONUS: babies tend to fall asleep in them, so it’s an awesome nap transition. You’re welcome, Dad.

We have (and LOVE) the Ergobaby 360 with mesh because Florida is hot af… It’s amazing. Get his here!

The right dad-bag

The best dad bags to get dad exciting to pitch in while parenting. get dad helping with housework

Now is not the time for Petunia Pickle Bottom to rear her [ugly] head. No disrespect, but asking him to carry what is clearly a woman’s bag has been difficult since before kids.

There are cool diaper bags, sure. But a diaper bag is really just a bag. So treat him with a bag he wants!

Jogging Stroller


A good (or used, but still good) jogging stroller gives dad an excuse to work out and takes away the mom-qualities of the typical stroller. Suddenly it isn’t a stroll it’s a workout and gives dad an excuse to show off his calves and kick the cabin fever. Sure he isn’t doing housework, but we all need extra self-care in our lives. This is a great way for him to take care of himself, get the babe some vitamin D, and get endorphins flowing. 


Actual Tools


this is the set we have, and we love it!A nice power drill duo can make a guy feel rugged AND do work. After a week of wiping butts and finding his culinary genius (hopefully not at the same time), taking the hard part out of a home project is exactly what he needs. He gets to use some man-strength and you get to realize some Pinterest project dreams.

With stressed, homeowning, working mom probs, I was constantly wondering when I would find the time to hire a pro to fix the SIMPLEST issues in our home. Let’s not even talk about affording it… Asking my husband to do it was ludicrous… He didn’t have the tools.

Since we invested in some REAL tools, he’s able to make quick fixes around the house and take any guesswork out of weekend projects. No more fruitless “stud hunts” and poorly hung shelves around here, so you can finally embrace your Ikea fantasies!

HOW TO get dad doing housework without nagging. Stay at Home Dad. Working Mom tips. Dad Gifts. Stay-at-home Dad Humor. Communication tips. Love and Marriage


In all seriousness, these playful ploys won’t keep him productive forever. Effective communication is key, and probably should’ve been first on the list. However, it’s so important that I wanted it to be last!

Communicating your desire for him helping with housework is the absolute first step. We women tend to get upset when he isn’t fulfilling our expectations or picking up our slack. I used to do this, but before getting mad, ASK for what you want. Express your concerns (“I’m tired and overworked.” “I just want some time to be with my baby” “I don’t want to cook 5 nights a week”) then discuss resolutions, and make them happen. When he starts wavering, remember that reminders aren’t nagging.

You are a team, after all. Picking up each other’s slack is necessary during stressful times. We have to keep that in mind when he’s hurting too.



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How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

As a woman, you’re more than likely going to be placed in a tricky situation when you decide to start a family. There comes a time where most of us have to try and decide between a career and our kids. Yes, we’ve made great strides in the last decade, and more and more women are staying on at work after giving birth, rather than becoming stay-at-home parents. But, the fact remains we have this conundrum, and men don’t.


Today, I want to bring you some tips and advice on how you can still have a career without needing to sacrifice family time. There are plenty of jobs you can perform while you stay at home and watch your children grow up. Here are a few ideas that might interest you:


Turn Your Life Into A Career


This idea revolves around the whole social media influencer thing. These days, people can make a career out of posting things on social media. For many, this includes documenting their life and uploading it to the internet. You could start taking photos of daily things or filming video blogs to post on YouTube. Essentially, you’re just living your life as normal, but you document it and potentially make money online. Once you grow a following, you’ll see money come in via ad revenue, potential brand deals, or maybe even your own merchandise. It’s a long shot, but it’s definitely worth a try as it costs nothing and you’ve got nothing to lose.


Become A Coach


Becoming a coach is a great career option for anyone that wants to remain at home. It’s a profession you can do via the internet, providing advice for different clients and coaching people to become better at what they do. If you want more information on becoming a coach and coach training, click here. That page should provide you with more details on the matter. All I’m going to say is that this is a very good career choice if you like helping others and have always been considered someone people can trust for advice. There aren’t any major educational requirements to become a coach either, which makes it all the more appealing.


Start Investing In Stocks


Last but not least, you can have a fruitful career as a day trader without sacrificing time with your children. Trading is very easy these days as there are online platforms you can use on a computer or mobile device. All it takes is a little bit of research and getting to know the markets before you begin trading and making money. It can be a daily thing for you, turning into something of a job. The good thing is, you don’t have to lock yourself away in an office to do this, you can sit on the sofa while your child plays or watches cartoons.


As you can see, it’s still possible to have a career without spending lots of time away from your growing family. What’s more, none of the ideas above is really ‘conventional’ work from home jobs. They all work around your schedule, giving you more flexibility to have fun with your kids and earn money at the same time.


Maternity Leave Rules for the Modern Mom

Maternity Leave Rules for the Modern Mom

Maternity Leave is a beautiful thing. You worked your way through a pregnancy under the pressure of a full-time job. You’ve earned 6 to 12 weeks of bonding time with the most important person in your life. 


Except, there is a lot of crap to deal with. If becoming a mom wasn’t enough, there is a miniature person depending on YOU to be the greatest person they’ll ever know. Everybody and their mom knows it takes A LOT to handle a newborn while recovering from childbirth (no pun intended). So why is it that people ask and expect so much from a new mom?


The Key to A More Profitable Life: Investing in Yourself

The Key to A More Profitable Life: Investing in Yourself

When it comes to thinking about how we’re going to guide ourselves to the best future possible, we usually think in terms of our current or future employers, and what they can do for us. While this is, of course, a factor in our success, there’s a much bigger player that’ll determine our future: us. And ultimately, when it comes to living a life where work, life, and happiness intersect seamlessly, it’s all about investing in ourselves as individuals. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.


Get Creative


Humans do push themselves, but it’s not always in the right directions. They might push themselves to work longer and longer hours, or to get a promotion, and so on, but there’s an upper limit to where this can take you.

To really push on to the next level, then you should be stretching yourself creatively as well as purely “professionally.”

Creative thinking is not a dead end; it is a starting point. If you follow your creative pursuits in your personal time, then aspects of that pursuit might ultimately wind themselves into your professional life, too.


Take a Course


You spend the best part of two decades in education, and then what happened? You stopped learning. Or rather, you decided to learn just what you were required to learn as part of your employment. But what if there’s more to your skill set than you realize?

By taking a course in a subject that you’ve never really got to grips with before, you’ll be boosting your resume, grow your confidence, and potentially beginning a journey down a different career path. There are virtually no downsides to learning; take a course, and see where it takes you.




Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional, you’re going to need as much energy as possible if you’re going to get ahead in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. And that energy begins with your body, and more specifically, how much care and attention you’re giving it.

Eat well, get enough rest, and limit the number of late nights you have; you’ll soon find that you’re bursting with energy, which you can then use to pursue your interests.


Pushing the Side Hustle


There’s nothing wrong with just having one source of income, but if you have the energy and ideas, why not start your own company, and create a side hustle income?

Develop your idea, get in touch with reliable loan companies to secure your funding, and get underway. It’s never been easier to set up a side business; and, indeed, it’s one of the best investments you can make. You never know where it might take you in the future!


Reading to Your Future


Finally, remember to use your leisure time wisely. There’s enough information out there that’ll enable you to become a better individual and worker; if you’re reading that, rather than watching TV, then you’ll be investing in yourself in the right way.


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4 Essentials To Take To An Interview

The phone rings and it’s a potential employer asking you to come in for an interview. Great news! Well, it is at first and then the pre-show jitters start to kick in and take over. Before you know, you are going to fail before you even sit down in the chair. Beating nerves and anxiety is crucial if you want to land a job, and that is where interview tools come into play. And no, this doesn’t mean a USB and a PowerPoint presentation. What it does stand for are the basic resources that will help guide you through the process.


Bottled Water


As soon as you get nervous, the mouth starts to dry and it can feel like the Sahara desert. Usually, it’s just uncomfortable, but it’s a killer during an interview because you need to speak clearly and confidently. H2O is the answer because the best bottled water moisturizes the mouth and stops the tongue from getting tied. Do take your own, though, as there is are no guarantees the employer will offer a glass. Should you take a risk and it backfires, you could come across as too anxious and not get the job.


A Pen And Notepad


The idea of taking notes seems silly, and the majority of interviewers don’t ask you to either. However, there are two undeniably solid reasons to bring pen and paper. The first is so that you are ready for the unexpected just in case something unpredictable happens. The second is that a humble pen and notepad combination shows you have thought ahead. Employers see that you are prepared and make a mental note. It might not be the difference between success and failure, but the small things make a massive impact. Never underestimate what the fine print says about your character.




Just because you submitted one with the application doesn’t mean the interviewer will have enough copies. Modern interviews include multiple people and spares can go around the room. Remember that you want everyone who is part of the process to see your strengths in big, bold type. Plus, extra copies of a resume show that you’re again prepared and expect the unexpected. Employers love to see this because they read between the lines. A proactive candidate, for example, is one that is thorough and doesn’t need their hand holding. Five or six copies should be plenty.




Finally, bring lots of questions and don’t be afraid to hand them out judiciously. Employers want applicants to ask about certain aspects of the role because it shows foresight. It also shows confidence – why ask if you didn’t think it was necessary – and they love self-assured workers. But, don’t forget about the impact it may have on your application. Should you impress, they will ask you to attend a second interview. An answer to a question you asked in the first one could be the difference between standing out from the crowd.


Can you think of any more? If you can, don’t be afraid to pack them the next time a big job opportunity comes your way.


5 Controversial Tips to enjoying a short maternity leave

5 Controversial Tips to enjoying a short maternity leave

If you’re anticipating a short maternity leave, you’re probably dreading the return to work. I consider a short maternity leave anything less than 6 months (I only had 12 weeks, and I know women who only had 6!), and I am a planner. You must be too, or you wouldn’t be here 😉 So first – CONGRATULATIONS! And second, I feel you mama. Sometimes it feels like we just “get what we get”, but we can STILL make the most of it. Enjoying a short maternity leave is all about reminding yourself what it’s for.

I’m betting you have an overbearing friend or relative (or two or three!). Maybe they weren’t always that way, but babies have a way of bringing out the crazy in some people. If this is your first baby, you might be surprised to find your mother-in-law or a wacky aunt don’t think you’re ready to be a parent. But it’s cool, because they’ll be there to do make sure you do it right (aka their way)



Solving The Common Career Problems Faced By Modern Women

Solving The Common Career Problems Faced By Modern Women

Modern life isn’t easy, especially if you’re a woman. Little obstacles are a daily occurrence, particularly in the workplace. As such, navigating your way through them is a challenge. Nevertheless, it’s overcoming the ongoing issues that should remain a priority.


Here are four that most women will face at one time or another. Be prepared for them today, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a far brighter tomorrow.


Becoming A Mom


Having a child is the greatest thing that any woman will ever do. Nonetheless, it’s important to appreciate the fact that it will erect a few career hurdles. First and foremost, you should tell your boss about the situation at the earliest stage possible. If you’re honest and transparent with them, they should respond in a similar fashion.


As a working mom, finding a way to juggle the dual roles can be difficult. Whether it’s finding a nanny, working from home, or starting a business of your own isn’t overly important. Millions of women make it work; you can too!


Facing Student Debts


Education provides the strongest foundations as you look to build a successful career. Unless you happen to get a funded scholarship, the college years are likely to bring long-term financial repercussions. If you’re not careful, it can limit your options at work and in your personal life.


Taking increased responsibility is vital. Reducing your debts and repayments is the perfect starting point, and you can visit to learn more. When combined with smarted habits and financial decisions in your daily life, stress will soon fade. This should allow you to focus fully on more important issues.


Poor Work-Life Balance


When you’ve stepped away to have a baby or pursue other goals such as taking a gap year, making up for lost time is high on the agenda. You may feel that you’ve fallen behind other workers and need to get back up to their level. In turn, this can encourage women to fall into the trap of working around the clock, sacrificing crucial parts of their lives.


However, it’s important to remember that we are all on individual life journeys and there is no race to reach your goals. We should work to live rather than live to work. Visit to learn more about the need to establish a sense of balance. You will not regret it.


Encountering Sexism


It’s 2018, and society has progressed massively in the fight for gender equality. Still, you’d be very naïve to assume that sexism no longer exists. Even when it’s on a subconscious level, women can be at a disadvantage in the freelance marketplace as well as the traditional office. It’s not right but is something that you may need to handle.


Growing the confidence to stand up for yourself in the workplace isn’t easy. But challenging those unfair situations will unlock a wealth of rewards. Those working as digital nomads may find that creating an alias may help when dealing with potentially difficult clients. Most importantly, you should have the confidence to chase any dream you want.


When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Regardless of what some might say.


Shocking Truths you Can Expect the First Week Home with Baby

Shocking Truths you Can Expect the First Week Home with Baby

If you’re preparing for maternity leave, then you’re probably trying to decide if you should just work up until your water breaks (like I did… more on that later) or take a week or two before the due date and hope that baby doesn’t take too long in the womb. This post is written for the first week home with baby and the details that might surprise you.

The sleep deprivation, the engorged breasts, the blood, the lingering baby bump… you’ve heard the horror stories. And I want you to know it’s not as bad as they say. 

But there is definitely a transition involved. It won’t be over in a week, but that first week home can seem intimidating if you don’t know what to expect.


Expect to be Topless

I’m going to go ahead and shamelessly say that you should definitely try breastfeeding on for size. Whether it works for you or not, it’s a wonderful opportunity for so many awesome benefits. But even if you aren’t totally sold on the idea, plan on being topless. 

Why? Because your milk is going to come in anyway. That, and skin-to-skin is amazing. Babies thrive with skin-to-skin snuggles

This might even be a trick to successful breastfeeding. Keep those boobies easily accessible at any point in time, and you’ll be on your way to free food and an instant pacifier. Ya, get excited.

Expect to Offend Someone

That relative that you established boundaries with? She just pulled up and brought her friend to meet your 3 day old baby. Keep in mind, you’re topless and milk is literally spraying through your shirt.

What do you do?

Shut it DOWN. Send her away. It doesn’t matter if “it will only be a minute”. You aren’t running a petting zoo, and it’s not too much to ask for a 10-20 minute warning call. The baby could be sleeping. YOU could be sleeping. And you need to take care of your needs, because she clearly isn’t going to.

Don’t be afraid to stick up for yourself and your baby during this fragile/healing state. It’s only temporary, and her “feelings” will heal faster than your perineum.

shocking truths to expect the first week home with baby

Expect to Order Takeout

No matter how many snacks you stashed and freezer meals you prepared, you can expect to order takeout. You can finally eat sushi again! And I’m betting you aren’t getting many offers for the food you want RIGHT NOW.

Even if you did get a mealtrain arranged. Your body has been put through the ringer, and you need fuel around the clock. I think it’s safe to say you deserve a little caloric indulgence. Postpartum fitness isn’t suggested before 6 weeks anyway. So you get a free pass!


Expect to Feel Overwhelmed

There will be moments of everyday that just get the best of you. Don’t beat yourself up. Even if you have help from everyone you know, you can expect to feel overwhelmed during the first week home with baby.

As prepared as you may be, it’s going to happen. But that’s just because you haven’t gotten a full 8 hours of sleep in days, your body is uncharted territory (until further notice), your Aunt Sheila won’t stop calling, and the takeout hasn’t arrived yet.

Under normal circumstances, you’d handle this like a pro. But these aren’t normal circumstances. You aren’t weak. You’re just tired. And it’s all temporary.

6 things i never expected from the first week home with a baby!



Expect to Wonder When you’ll look like you used to

It is very exciting to watch pounds drop before you leave the hospital (my baby weighed 7lbs, but I only lost 5…??). It’s even more exciting to research all the ways other moms lost their weight. The idea of getting back to normal is intoxicating. But you probably didn’t think you’d be so eager so soon. 

I remember being 13 weeks postpartum (hanging on to 40 pounds of baby weight) and asking my mom friend how she had a 2 year old AND a six-pack. “It takes time” were her words of wisdom. And it’s true. It’s not fun to hear, but it’s a nice reminder to worry about other things for a while. In the mean time, consider getting a postpartum girdle for a little confidence boost. This is the one I used, and it was definitely encouraging and reassuring to notice it fit better as time went on lol.

Bottom line: You will look normal again, but not for 6-12 months.


Expect to Be OBSESSED with a helpless little person

Ya… so I’ve been trying to remind you to take care of yourself this whole time, simply because it is very easy to forget what you went through. You will suddenly become enamored with the sweetest, most innocent, loving little piece of you and it can be a huge surprise.

Going from woman to mama is a massive change, as we all know. But we aren’t all prepared to completely throw our well-being to the wind. It’s scary to think about how much they need you, and that’s exactly what you need to do. Remember how important you are to them, and remind yourself to stay together for them. Babies need their mamas!




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Effective Tricks To Get More Work Done At Home

Effective Tricks To Get More Work Done At Home

Getting work done at home can be one of the hardest tasks to set yourself these days. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working home alone or you have kids and pets around you all day long; it’s hard. Separating work and your home life is tough. You may feel demotivated, unable to concentrate, uninspired…the list goes on. In this post, we’re going to talk about some of the most effective tricks to get more work done. Ready to finally be the productive person you know you can be? Read on!


Come Up With A Routine That Makes You Feel Like Working

Let’s say you have some work to get done on the computer. If you roll out of bed without brushing your hair, don’t bother to make yourself a drink, turn on the TV, and then sit in front of the computer, how much work do you think you’re going to get done? Probably very little. Coming up with a routine that signals to your body and mind that it’s time to work. Get up, groom yourself a little even if you’re only working in your living room. Make yourself a drink. Read a chapter of a motivational book. Then, no matter how hard it is, get to work. Train yourself to complete your routine and start working right away, and it’ll be a habit that you find tough to break.




Get Dressed In Work Clothes

You don’t need to wear a suit if you’re working in your bedroom or home office, but you should get changed out of your pyjamas or lounge wear at least. The clothes we wear can have the biggest impact on our mood and mindset. If you wear proper clothes, then you’re going to feel like doing more! It’s that simple. You could even have a home work uniform that you wear to save on the washing; something simple, like a t-shirt and a pair of casual trousers or jeans.


Have Some Time Away From Home

Maybe time away from home is what you really need. As we said earlier, separating home and work can be tough as it is. If you have a particularly important project on your to-do list, it could be a good idea to get out of the house. You could look at renting furnished apartments for a weekend of productivity, or you could simply head down to your local coffee shop/library. The choice is yours – just get out of the house and see how you feel.

Put On Some Headphones

You may not be able to get away from your house or your family, but you can block out any noise with the help of some noise cancelling headphones. Just put some music on and get to work. Hopefully, they’ll begin to associate your headphones with you being at work. This might be tough to justify if you have a little one around…. consider keeping a video monitor on your desk as well!


Write A To-Do List

Writing a to-do list should help you see what your priorities are for the day and help you to get more done. However, the key is to only write down what you have to get done so you don’t overwhelm yourself. Anything else is a bonus.

If you need a fancy and fun way to keep your tasks organized, Paperchase is the stationary authority! Keep in mind, these items are also tax deductible if you are running your own business. Click here to check out other tax deductible expenses.

Get ready to win the day!


5 Things we know Millennials want from a job

5 Things we know Millennials want from a job

Millennials are known as the Lost Generation which doesn’t present them in the best light. But, that can’t be further from the truth because Millennials turned out to be a selfless, motivated and generous generation. The best way to see that is to look at their work ethics and what they are looking for when they a searching for a job.


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