How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

How To Have A Career Without Sacrificing Family Time

As a woman, you’re more than likely going to be placed in a tricky situation when you decide to start a family. There comes a time where most of us have to try and decide between a career and our kids. Yes, we’ve made great strides in the last decade, and more and more women are staying on at work after giving birth, rather than becoming stay-at-home parents. But, the fact remains we have this conundrum, and men don’t.


Today, I want to bring you some tips and advice on how you can still have a career without needing to sacrifice family time. There are plenty of jobs you can perform while you stay at home and watch your children grow up. Here are a few ideas that might interest you:


Turn Your Life Into A Career


This idea revolves around the whole social media influencer thing. These days, people can make a career out of posting things on social media. For many, this includes documenting their life and uploading it to the internet. You could start taking photos of daily things or filming video blogs to post on YouTube. Essentially, you’re just living your life as normal, but you document it and potentially make money online. Once you grow a following, you’ll see money come in via ad revenue, potential brand deals, or maybe even your own merchandise. It’s a long shot, but it’s definitely worth a try as it costs nothing and you’ve got nothing to lose.


Become A Coach


Becoming a coach is a great career option for anyone that wants to remain at home. It’s a profession you can do via the internet, providing advice for different clients and coaching people to become better at what they do. If you want more information on becoming a coach and coach training, click here. That page should provide you with more details on the matter. All I’m going to say is that this is a very good career choice if you like helping others and have always been considered someone people can trust for advice. There aren’t any major educational requirements to become a coach either, which makes it all the more appealing.


Start Investing In Stocks


Last but not least, you can have a fruitful career as a day trader without sacrificing time with your children. Trading is very easy these days as there are online platforms you can use on a computer or mobile device. All it takes is a little bit of research and getting to know the markets before you begin trading and making money. It can be a daily thing for you, turning into something of a job. The good thing is, you don’t have to lock yourself away in an office to do this, you can sit on the sofa while your child plays or watches cartoons.


As you can see, it’s still possible to have a career without spending lots of time away from your growing family. What’s more, none of the ideas above is really ‘conventional’ work from home jobs. They all work around your schedule, giving you more flexibility to have fun with your kids and earn money at the same time.


The Key to A More Profitable Life: Investing in Yourself

The Key to A More Profitable Life: Investing in Yourself

When it comes to thinking about how we’re going to guide ourselves to the best future possible, we usually think in terms of our current or future employers, and what they can do for us. While this is, of course, a factor in our success, there’s a much bigger player that’ll determine our future: us. And ultimately, when it comes to living a life where work, life, and happiness intersect seamlessly, it’s all about investing in ourselves as individuals. Let’s take a look at how you can do this.


Get Creative


Humans do push themselves, but it’s not always in the right directions. They might push themselves to work longer and longer hours, or to get a promotion, and so on, but there’s an upper limit to where this can take you.

To really push on to the next level, then you should be stretching yourself creatively as well as purely “professionally.”

Creative thinking is not a dead end; it is a starting point. If you follow your creative pursuits in your personal time, then aspects of that pursuit might ultimately wind themselves into your professional life, too.


Take a Course


You spend the best part of two decades in education, and then what happened? You stopped learning. Or rather, you decided to learn just what you were required to learn as part of your employment. But what if there’s more to your skill set than you realize?

By taking a course in a subject that you’ve never really got to grips with before, you’ll be boosting your resume, grow your confidence, and potentially beginning a journey down a different career path. There are virtually no downsides to learning; take a course, and see where it takes you.




Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a professional, you’re going to need as much energy as possible if you’re going to get ahead in this fast-paced, ever-changing world. And that energy begins with your body, and more specifically, how much care and attention you’re giving it.

Eat well, get enough rest, and limit the number of late nights you have; you’ll soon find that you’re bursting with energy, which you can then use to pursue your interests.


Pushing the Side Hustle


There’s nothing wrong with just having one source of income, but if you have the energy and ideas, why not start your own company, and create a side hustle income?

Develop your idea, get in touch with reliable loan companies to secure your funding, and get underway. It’s never been easier to set up a side business; and, indeed, it’s one of the best investments you can make. You never know where it might take you in the future!


Reading to Your Future


Finally, remember to use your leisure time wisely. There’s enough information out there that’ll enable you to become a better individual and worker; if you’re reading that, rather than watching TV, then you’ll be investing in yourself in the right way.


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5 Controversial Tips to enjoying a short maternity leave

5 Controversial Tips to enjoying a short maternity leave

If you’re anticipating a short maternity leave, you’re probably dreading the return to work. I consider a short maternity leave anything less than 6 months (I only had 12 weeks, and I know women who only had 6!), and I am a planner. You must be too, or you wouldn’t be here 😉 So first – CONGRATULATIONS! And second, I feel you mama. Sometimes it feels like we just “get what we get”, but we can STILL make the most of it. Enjoying a short maternity leave is all about reminding yourself what it’s for.

I’m betting you have an overbearing friend or relative (or two or three!). Maybe they weren’t always that way, but babies have a way of bringing out the crazy in some people. If this is your first baby, you might be surprised to find your mother-in-law or a wacky aunt don’t think you’re ready to be a parent. But it’s cool, because they’ll be there to do make sure you do it right (aka their way)



Solving The Common Career Problems Faced By Modern Women

Solving The Common Career Problems Faced By Modern Women

Modern life isn’t easy, especially if you’re a woman. Little obstacles are a daily occurrence, particularly in the workplace. As such, navigating your way through them is a challenge. Nevertheless, it’s overcoming the ongoing issues that should remain a priority.


Here are four that most women will face at one time or another. Be prepared for them today, and you’ll be sure to enjoy a far brighter tomorrow.


Becoming A Mom


Having a child is the greatest thing that any woman will ever do. Nonetheless, it’s important to appreciate the fact that it will erect a few career hurdles. First and foremost, you should tell your boss about the situation at the earliest stage possible. If you’re honest and transparent with them, they should respond in a similar fashion.


As a working mom, finding a way to juggle the dual roles can be difficult. Whether it’s finding a nanny, working from home, or starting a business of your own isn’t overly important. Millions of women make it work; you can too!


Facing Student Debts


Education provides the strongest foundations as you look to build a successful career. Unless you happen to get a funded scholarship, the college years are likely to bring long-term financial repercussions. If you’re not careful, it can limit your options at work and in your personal life.


Taking increased responsibility is vital. Reducing your debts and repayments is the perfect starting point, and you can visit to learn more. When combined with smarted habits and financial decisions in your daily life, stress will soon fade. This should allow you to focus fully on more important issues.


Poor Work-Life Balance


When you’ve stepped away to have a baby or pursue other goals such as taking a gap year, making up for lost time is high on the agenda. You may feel that you’ve fallen behind other workers and need to get back up to their level. In turn, this can encourage women to fall into the trap of working around the clock, sacrificing crucial parts of their lives.


However, it’s important to remember that we are all on individual life journeys and there is no race to reach your goals. We should work to live rather than live to work. Visit to learn more about the need to establish a sense of balance. You will not regret it.


Encountering Sexism


It’s 2018, and society has progressed massively in the fight for gender equality. Still, you’d be very naïve to assume that sexism no longer exists. Even when it’s on a subconscious level, women can be at a disadvantage in the freelance marketplace as well as the traditional office. It’s not right but is something that you may need to handle.


Growing the confidence to stand up for yourself in the workplace isn’t easy. But challenging those unfair situations will unlock a wealth of rewards. Those working as digital nomads may find that creating an alias may help when dealing with potentially difficult clients. Most importantly, you should have the confidence to chase any dream you want.


When you put your mind to it, anything is possible. Regardless of what some might say.


5 Things we know Millennials want from a job

5 Things we know Millennials want from a job

Millennials are known as the Lost Generation which doesn’t present them in the best light. But, that can’t be further from the truth because Millennials turned out to be a selfless, motivated and generous generation. The best way to see that is to look at their work ethics and what they are looking for when they a searching for a job.


The Careers It Is Worth Going Back To School For

The Careers It Is Worth Going Back To School For

Feeling stuck in a rut?


Maybe it’d be worth going back to school so that you can change your career path? This is something that many people do when they start to get bored of their current job or industry. It’s an especially popular thing for many stay at home moms to do. Once their kids reach school age, they decide to go back to work. Quite a few start to retrain for a new career while they are off with their kids.


So, do you think that going back to school to train for another career could be the best option for you right now? Here are some of the jobs that you should think about.

returning to school




Lots of people decide to wait to go into teaching until they have some life experiences behind them. This makes them a lot wiser and knowledgeable which can cement their place in the classroom. It also means that they are a lot more capable of controlling a class of unruly students than if they had gone into teaching straight out of college! It’s very easy to get accepted onto a teacher-training course, no matter how old you are. You might find that there are a lot of students who look like they should be thinking about retiring. But their age makes them very experienced for the job!


Medical Careers


You might think that you need to go into a medical career straight out of college. After all, it takes a few years to study and train for various roles within the medical industry – best to start early, right? Well, that isn’t the case. In fact, there are courses like the step 2 CS prep that make it easy for adults to make the switch to a medical profession. As long as you can afford to spend around five years of full-time studying, then you shouldn’t have any problem in working towards a new job in medicine.




Another job that is popular with those looking to switch careers is counseling. In fact, many people decide to go into this job after a few years of working because they want to give something back to society and help other people. Becoming a counselor is a great way to work with those who need help with their mental health or are in a vulnerable position. It will take a couple of years to train to be a fully qualified counselor, and most courses can be taken part-time, giving you a chance to work alongside.




You can be a writer at any time of your life without going back to school but if you are serious about getting your novel published, then it is really worth taking a creative writing course. Or maybe you’d rather focus on marketing content and copy? Either way, there are lots of courses out there that can help you improve your writing.


Hopefully, one of the above career options fits in with your future plans. Good luck on your new journey!


You Barely Feel Like an Adult: How Can You Be a Boss?

You Barely Feel Like an Adult: How Can You Be a Boss?

Age is no barrier to success in business. If you have the ideas and drive to bring your ideas to life, then it doesn’t matter how old you are: it’s always possible to get your business off the ground and making money. However, there is one issue: if you’re, say, in your early thirties, and you have staff who are older than you, how are expect to be the best boss you can be? We take a look at a few tips below.

breaking the boss barrier

Start With Confidence


You know how horses can smell fear? Well, humans can’t smell fear, but they can sense it. It’s easy to tell the difference between a person who walks into a room knowing that they’re in control and a person who shuffles in with their head down. Being a boss is about inspiring others to believe in what you believe, and if it looks like you don’t even believe in yourself, then how do you expect to do that? No matter how old the people working for you are, never doubt that you’re the one in control. And if you don’t quite believe…just fake it till you make it!


Leave the Power Trip


Humans are hardwired to abuse their power, or at least, so it seems. If you’re comparatively young, then you might have some doubts about your ability to manage…and then overcompensate by constantly asserting your power. All the best leaders know being a boss isn’t about control; it’s about bringing out the best in people. There’s no room for ego in your business, so check the power trip at the door when you arrive at the office. Everyone will see you straight away if you don’t.


You Are Not Alone


It can be difficult to try to figure out the best way to be a boss all on your own. Fortunately, the relationship between you and your staff isn’t solely resting on your shoulders; there is outside help available. If you have a disciplinary issue, then you can get help from ACAS; they exist to help sort out disagreements between employer and employee. Also, don’t forget that many of the world’s most celebrated entrepreneurs and success stories have written books on leadership. Make them your nighttime reading, and you’ll discover plenty of useful tips.


Listen More Than You Talk


You might be at the top of the pyramid, but the whole deck of cards would collapse without the people supporting you from below. As such, you shouldn’t just think of your employees as worker drones. Give them the opportunity to put forward their own ideas, concerns, and feedback, and you’ll be demonstrating an important aspect of leadership: listening more than you talk.


Getting to Know Employees


Finally, don’t forget that no rule says your life has to be all business, business, business. Get to know your employees on a personal basis, and arrange social evenings outside of work. It’ll strengthen your bonds with them, and make you more approachable. A happy team is a productive team!

5 Reasons You Need To Stop Stressing While Parenting

From the moment you see those two stripes on the pregnancy test you start stressing: about what to eat, what to drink, do you get enough vitamins? And when your little one is born it gets even worse: what does this cry means? Why isn’t he walking yet? Am I spoiling my kid? Am I too strict? And then you see that perfect parent with her perfect kids and you just know you’re doing it all wrong. You turn to google and find out you should do everything so different!

Relax, you’re doing an amazing job. Besides, there are many reasons why stressing is not the right thing to do when parenting:

#1 Your little one copies everything you do

Including the stressing out. If you are stressed all the time, your child will be stressed too. And because children don’t have many ways to cope with this, this can lead to temper tantrums or your child will withdraw completely. Which will stress you out even more….
Teaching your kid how to deal with stressful events, without getting completely stressed out is an important thing to do. And the best way to teach this, is to show it, to live how you wish your child to live.


#2 Stress during pregnancy can be dangerous for your baby

When you are pregnant, stress can have a very negative effect on the baby. Your baby can have a lower birth weight, or be born prematurely because of this stress. Stress during pregnancy is also linked to behavioural issues. Those kids are more likely to develop disorders like ADD.
But don’t stress out about being stressed 😉 There are lots of ways to manage this: try prenatal yoga, meditation or talk therapy.  Or take a warm bath, curl up with a good book. Whatever feels right for you.

#3 Stressing can lead to overprotecting your children

When you stress about everything that can go wrong, it’s only natural that you want to shield your kids from that. And even though you should protect your children, overprotecting can actually do your kid harm. Overprotected children grow up with low self-esteem, and little knowledge of the world. Because their parents always protected them from everything, they don’t know how to protect themselves when needed.

#4 Stress can make you less patient

When you’re stressed out for any reason, you’ll be less patient. You’ll snap a lot and yell a lot at your child. And that is never a good idea. By calming down you can give your child the love and attention it so desperately needs.

#5 There is no need to stress

Everyone, every parent, does the best they can. And yes, your friend can have a different method of dealing with stuff, that doesn’t mean your way isn’t good too. There are lots of ways to get the same results: happy  children that are loved and cared for.

So stop stressing out: you are doing an amazing job. Take the time do de-stress: hire a sitter and go out with your husband, ask someone to watch the kids while you take a long, well deserved bath, take a yoga class, or take up meditation. There are so many ways to relax.

Did you enjoy this article? What things do you do to relax while parenting?

What You Need To Be A Manager

What You Need To Be A Manager

If you are thinking of going for a promotion, or another roel entirely in another company in a managerial role, it will help to have a clear understanding of what it takes to actually be a good manager. Even the self-employed should be aware, considering they are their own boss (and potentially – eventually – managing a team).

There are many conflicting theories about what a good manager looks like, but it is something which everyone has their own idea of, and as long as you have your own idea, you should find that you are able to get there much sooner and more effectively and effortlessly.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the things you might personally consider to be essential in order to be a good manager. Take a look and see if you agree with these.

what you need to be

The Ability To Lead


Something that is hard to argue with is that you need to be able to lead people if you want to be their manager. But this skill in leading can be hard to learn, and not everyone is adept at doing this. However, it can always be done, and in general the trick is just to practice it as best as you can, as with anything else. If you find that you are struggling to lead your team, it can be a sign that you do not have the self-confidence in yourself to do so, in which case that is what you will want to work on first and foremost. But when you get a feel for leading others, you can begin to appreciate its subtleties, and before long you will be leading people as well as anyone else, and being a much better manager for it in the process too.


An Understanding Of Priorities


Anyone who has ever taken project management training will appreciate that it is important to be able to know how to prioritize the tasks that need to be done. You have to be able to know what is most important, what can probably be left to last, and what might not need doing at all. In this way, you will be able to lead projects with greater efficiency, and that will mean that you are making better use of the people under your command as well. Again, practice is key if you want to get this down as well as possible, but it is also hugely effective just to simply have the right kind of mental processing power of this kind of puzzle. If you have that, you will be a greater manager than most immediately on the job.

prioritizing the right tasks as a manager




If you want to be a manager, you will need to exude as much confidence as you possibly can at all times. Having confidence means that you feel happy within yourself, don’t feel that you need to prove anything, and can consider yourself headstrong as well. Fortunately, confidence is a skill which can be learned, and it means that over time you will be able to develop yours in a stronger and stronger way. Do so, and it will make for a much more enjoyable period of being manager – and a much more successful one as well.

Add To Your Income While On Maternity Leave

One of the biggest issues for most in life is managing money. We want to spend money, not save it. We want to go and spoil ourselves on payday and enjoy the fruits of our labour – and why not? We go out to work and sometimes we work in shifts to earn as much money as we possibly can, sometimes exhausting ourselves in the process. Earning money is not as much fun as spending it, and yet we are constantly trying to pull overtime or extra jobs to earn extra cash.


It’s the dream for most to have an income pushing money into their bank account without lifting a finger and when you have a family, you have to be able to fund maternity leave. It’s why we dream of Lotto wins and scratch ticket windfalls. What we need, what we crave, is a passive income. If you’ve never heard of one before, a passive income means earning money without too much hard work, and when you’ve just had a baby you have to get creative about it! It’s putting things in motion, like looking for the best cash back credit cards so that every time you head out for some retail therapy, you earn money yourself as you get a percentage of your payment back. A passive income can slowly build up an emergency or retirement fund that you can draw from later. (more…)

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