When you move into a new house, it’s easy to get a little carried away with making the house feel like a home. But once the initial excitement has worn off you just become content. However, you may now have decided to sell, or you just want to secure further your financial investment. So now you are looking at ways to increase the value of your home. So here are a few ways to add value to your home.





Adding value and making your house a home could be as easy as decorating it to your taste. Sometimes we can be lucky and very minimal decoration is needed. However other times you may need to strip wallpaper or re-paint walls. You may have been happy to have dealt with the previous owner’s choice of wallpaper but now is the time to strip it off and give your home a new lease of life. Your home could be outdated with its decor; perhaps artex litters your ceiling or coving. Updating and modernising the home can add value to it without too much expense.




A kitchen is always classed as the hub of the home. It’s a meeting point for family and couples to gather at the beginning and end of their day. Your kitchen may be where you work in an evening, or eat your meal with your loved ones. A new kitchen will add huge value to your home. You could consider some modern kitchen designs which will appeal to the masses. Modern fittings and a look with be great for you, but also add value to your home in the future.

Although a kitchen replacement can be costly, if the kitchen is old and outdated it will be worth the investment.

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Bathrooms can be forgotten about. If they house a bath, a sink and toilet, most families are content. But it doesn’t cost that much to replace your bathroom with a new clean and fresh suite. This will always add value to your home.

Bathrooms can not be replaced for years. So many can look extremely outdated. They may also appear murky even though you know they are clean. It could be a worthy investment for the future without the big financial implication.

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Security measures


A quick change that not only benefits you but also a potential new owner is to consider the security aspects of your home. Installing security cameras, a decent alarm, or even just adding Ecotech Entry Doors to make the house or property more secure could be a great way to add some value. Security matters to new buyers, especially as a property is such a big investment, so this could be a worthwhile addition.




Maybe your house offers the opportunity to extend. Making it a space for you and your family to enjoy. You could consider extending to the side or rear of your home. Adding to the living space downstairs. Or maybe building up to extend the bedrooms. If you have a garage, a great extension idea is to go above the garage, to create an extra room upstairs. Alternatively, a less expensive option could be in the form of a conservatory.


I hope this guide helps you add some value to your home in the future.\

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